Why We're Here

One of the strongest roots of a community is the family. Small issues in childhood can become larger problems in adulthood if not addressed early on. Data from a 2014 ACE (Adverse Child Experiences) Study in Shelby County indicates that our community has been severely impacted by adverse childhood experiences, which can include emotional or verbal abuse, addiction, mental illness or the loss of a parent through divorce, separation, death or desertion.

Fifty-two percent of Shelby County reported having at least one adverse childhood experience, regardless of family income, education, religion or ethnic background.

Universal Parenting Places are designed to create a healthy and trauma-informed community. The earlier we help families in need, the stronger our community will be.

From the Ground UPP

Universal Parenting Places are based on the books and policy work of Robin Karr-Morse whose Oregon-based “Parenting Institute” provides the founding vision and staff training components for each UPP.