Negative behaviors and conditions, including violence and high rates of diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, don’t just happen overnight.

They are symptoms of a larger issue, usually having to do with trauma or stress

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study [http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/acestudy/] indicates that the most effective time to intervene in these problems is at the earliest point of detection by a parent or family member.

Universal Parenting Places have been researched and developed to provide parents with a resource, which will help prevent negative behaviors in their families as soon as they are identified.

We believe that the family is the cornerstone of our community. Our goal is to change how we look at negative behaviors and how they manifest in families and ultimately, our communities, as well as our approach, to transform Shelby County over time.

This is the beginning of a social movement to learn to address root causes first, rather than the symptoms of these problems.

Rather than duplicate what already exists, the Universal Parenting Places will work in tandem with existing community resources.  We believe this effort will serve as a national model, with Universal Parenting Places ultimately supporting families across the county, state and beyond.

How We’re Different
Unlike many parenting programs that target only high-risk or low-income parents, often after problems have developed and carry some stigma, our doors are open to all parents, regardless of socioeconomic background. , as research shows toxic stress in families crosses all income, racial and ethnic barriers.
Our two-fold approach strives to create a first-of-its-kind, countywide social movement rooted in family – the cornerstone of our community:

Reframe the community conversationaround the universal affects of chronic childhood stress, something to which everyone is susceptible.

Redefine the way our community and medical systems address health and safety issues.  The Universal Parenting Place exists to provide parents with professional guidance to prevent common childrearing challenges from becoming chronic physical, emotional or behavioral problems.